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Hi Max, Brady and all! Most of you on this site will be well aware the S-brief is the only truely 'natural' enhancer underwear out there (which is why we're now pretty much sold out before the programme went out!)

You can't be naive when you go on these kind of shows... But what really went on was chopped to the point of rediculousness! And you weren't given the best impression. In fact, the pitch went brillantly for TWO minutes (2/3rds) until the little 'hitch' which just added a bit of drama in our opinion! :) The producers made out that we lost our way fom the 'very beginning' which wasn't the case. Again,'you takes yer chances' ...

Interestingly, we've now realised if your pitch goes well (which it did) but you don't get investment (the Dragon's didn't have a clue about this sector of the market) yet don't look a total prat (idiot) - then suddenly the TV exposure is very much to YOUR company's advantage. That is something the producers clearly don't want to encourage (e.g. You would have thought company name was BRIAN JAMES FROM ESSEX) as they were determined not to use the name Jameswinston Co.

Our take on the edit? ... an ultimately non-eventful 'fun' piece. And used as fill-in time by the producers who cynically 'made sure' the 95% that would have been a great advert for this brand wasn't shown.

We'd just like to personally thank all those that put faith in our ranges this year as the reaction has been truly humbling. We won't leave any stone unturned while trying to give you guys the best standards possible in men's underwear. For now, we're off to play 'seek funding from a serious investor'. We hope some of you wish us luck ;)


Brian James


Jameswinston (Underwear) Co.

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