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I am brazilian boy. I love men in underwear, lycra... Please tell me where i buy dvd about men in sex underwear,lycra, speedo...

Thank you

Fábio Fagol

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

For those who don't have access to the BBC Iplayer here is a link to the segment on youtube

Hi Max, Brady and all! Most of you on this site will be well aware the S-brief is the only truely 'natural' enhancer underwear out there (which is why we're now pretty much sold out before the programme went out!) can't be naive when you go on these kind of shows. So much of what really went on was (ahem) chopped to bits to the point of rediculousness. As the gentleman above accurately states, you were'nt given the best impression. In fact, the pitch went brillantly for TWO minutes (2/3rds) until the hitch which just added a bit of drama in our opinion :) The producers made out that we started off badly which simply wasn't the case. Again 'you takes yer chances'...

Interestingly, we've now realised if your pitch goes well (which it did) but you don't get investment (the Dragon's didn't have a clue about this sector of the market) yet don't look a total prat (idiot) then suddenly the TV exposure is very much to your company's advantage! That is something the producers clearly don't want to encourage (e.g. You would have thought company name was BRIAN JAMES UNDERWEAR) as they were determined not to use the name Jameswinston Co.

At least we're on the net on the site for those unaware of the brand to find out more if they wish. But our take on the edit? ... Fun but purely used to fill in time by the producers who made sure our message didn't come across!

We'd just like to personally thank all those that put faith in our ranges as the reaction has been very humbling. At this stage, all we're doing is playing the game and seeing what happens as we know the big impact we're having at our currently small level. ;)


Brian James


Jameswinston (Underwear) Co.

Saw the "Dragon's Den" tv prog. - but only a short, very cut down slot that only conveyed the message that the pitch did not go that well and no investment funds were offered.

Product seemed like it was trying to do what Aussiebum has done: might be tough to get market share.

Hi Max,

Of course we'll keep you posted after Monday with links to the BBC site and comment after the event!

Kind regards

Brian James


Jameswinston Co. Ltd

The choice of the individual

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