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Underwear and Swimwear Brands

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I would prefer to go commando that wear old style tighty-whities and their cheep cousins again. Can't beat Bamboo sliders for comfort on a hot summer day.

I would never go back to wearing such ill designed and fitted clothes again. The coarse fibers are good though for cleaning excess shoe polish off of leather shoes or cleaning up spots where an abrasion is needed.

I pity the guy that wears these knowing how truly uncomfortable they have been for me.

I don't buy less undies and for sure will NEVER go back to cheap undies. It's a waste of money

One of the positives of the downturn is that most of the on-line retailers run frequent, deep discounts, particularly on brands like 2xist & cin2 that have seasonal styles / colours.

Couple this with the high exchange rate of the $Oz compared to $US or $Can, and things have almost never been better for us down here in Australia (that, and the fact that USA end of season sales are just in time for our new season!)

There is no way I could go back. I have found myself buying less new undies because of the economy, but not going back to cheep undies. The saying, "You get what you pay for" is very true for undies.

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